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Things to think about:

One of the most common statements one hears when discussing the meaning of life is the expression in some form or another: “Do it while you can”.  This particularly seems to apply to older grey nomads however it could well apply to any age group.  That is don’t just talk about it, DO IT.

Perhaps in this same vein is the song title from Hank Williams: “I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive”.  Now who remembers Hank Williams?  Perhaps a few Grey Nomads do.  Perhaps the way Hank lived didn’t help contribute to his longevity, however he sure packed a lot into his life.

On the subject of travelling and exploring.  How many people find that when they travel to a location or two that the bucket list tends to grow rather than diminish as one discovers more things to explore and interesting people to meet.  One has to slow down somewhat to both explore and take the time to catch up with some locals otherwise the quality of travel and exploration can be somewhat restricted.

When asked what the highlight of a particular trip or venture has been, I most often think it is a significant connection I have made with somebody out there.  I don’t necessarily mean a fellow traveler or explorer, it is usually a local who has many stories to tell if you have the time to listen.

One such character is “Pinky” a Hairdresser from Winton, Queensland.  She was hard at work but graciously granted me time for a chat.  “Pinky” featured in an episode of the ABC programme, Back Roads some time ago.  A highlight of this particular trip.



Pinky, Hairdresser at Winton with client



There is always plenty of advice and many many signs.  All one has to do is to try and understand what is meant.

Location, location, location!!!!

019.JPG AE

Surf beach from Double Island Point Queensland

P1020668.JPG AE

Darwin Harbour, a quiet day.


“Big Red”, Simpson Desert.


Evening light, Little Desert

P1030160.JPG AE

Jump Up south of Winton Queensland


Barcoo River crossing, dryish.  Near Windorah Queensland.


Rock formation near Ross River, east of Alice Springs.