The Many Faces of Eve as well as DELWP & DEDJTR Plus Plus !!!!! (Updated with a comment 1/10/19). (Second update 7/10/19)

It appears we are going through as many changes, updates and reconstructions as the poor old jolly Departments.  However more information has come to light including another comment from the “avid” reader.  The “avid” readers accessing this site can easily be numbered in the ones.

This recent post evoked quite a response so it must have touched a nerve or two with some people.  

One of the comments received from an “avid” reader is printed below and is included with permission of the writer.  

As a disclaimer it must be said that absolutely no pressure, intimidation or even the slightest hint of possible blackmail or payback was used or intended, in order to obtain what could be said is a supportive comment.  It is also purely coincidental that the writer was recently subjected to a series of power supply cuts, water contamination and pension and taxation investigations. 

The relevant departments, if they still exist and have staff available are currently looking into these coincidental happenings.  They know who they are!!!!

Apologies have been issued with assurances that, “this will never happen again”.

The Comment: (Number 1)

“I have just waded through your latest “Foo” epic. I find myself in complete agreement. I have given up the prospect of  ever knowing the current titles of many of these quangos.  Even my current employer has changed its name since I joined it 18 months ago.

I would add: once we had “public” services, run by our own government (deemed to be a very bad thing), now we have “private” (I use the term loosely) “services” (even more loosely) owned and operated by governments from other countries (deemed to be a very good thing). How so, I ask? Egs: communications, transport, gas, power, etc, etc.

So much for all of that.”

The Comment: (Number 2)

The word “quango”. 

“It is ascribed to Petronious who was a mate of a certain Nero.  However there is a view that it is of more recent origin”.

“We trained hard – but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we were re-organized.  I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by re-organizing, and what a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while actually producing confusion, inefficiency and demoralization.”

Quango:  (or sometimes written as QUANGO), ‘Quasi autonomous – non-government organization’.  “Designed to shield ministers from blame if anything goes wrong and also keeps them off the budget so they can pretend they have achieved control over it – or even achieved a surplus!.  Classic eg – the north east so-called railway! “


Moving right along:

Perhaps if blokes like Nero were aware of such things one could be forgiven for thinking that many things do not really change.  They just recycle under different guises.

It that a sign of aging or even the the gaining of a modicum of wisdom?

A couple of quotes from “The Saturday Paper”, Editorial. 5/10/2019, p14.

“It is a dangerous thing, a government that refuses to govern.  So much of the apparatus of governing is dedicated to the appearance of action: doorstops, press conferences, site visits, overseas trips and speeches; committees and estimates hearings: inquiries and royal commissions.

It is easy to see all of this general busyness and mistake it for the doing of something.  With some political sleight of hand, though, it can easily come to naught. …

… Some may argue a government in stasis is less dangerous than one intent on destruction.  But in our current moment, there is no doubt a government that decides to do nothing – while dedicating significant resources to the appearance of doing something – comes with its own perils.”


Start of original article:

Once upon a time when things were simple there used to be the SEC  (State Electricity Commission). Now there are plurry dozens of companies doing the same power thing.  We have companies producing the power, companies building poles and wires, companies billing us for power, (companies starting bush fires) and companies supplying us with power, most of the time.  

THEN!  In order to keep this rabble in check we have a Power Ombudsperson, a Power Regulator, AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator), ACCC, ASIC, & Consumer Affairs, Mr Dutton (The Minister for Everything) and so the list goes on and on.

Also once upon a time there used to be the Dept of Agriculture and even a Soil Conservation Authority and a few other erstwhile government organisations.  However it seems things have changed somewhat with letterhead companies making a mint and sign board mobs running out of room and having to enlarge their premises in order to accommodate the construction of the larger and larger signs required.

At the same time as this constant proliferation of  name changes and bigger and bigger signs it appears that many organisations and in particular public service organisations are gradually disappearing from the public’s view and becoming less and less accessible.  I use the term public service organisations with a grain of salt as they would be more aptly termed the MMIUTBD.  That is the More & More Invisible Used To Be Departments????

So, now we have :-   ????

P1100160.JPG AE
Is there anything else left???

Well, yes there is actually???

It is the…..

3a Dept Rglen Research CU.JPG AE

Of course “The Committee” were then asked to investigate any possible confusion the general public may have had in working out who belonged where.

P1000171.JPG AE

A snapshot sample of a couple of “The Committee”


Following long deliberation with much “barking up the wrong tree” and obviously head butting, locking horns and the like, the following was submitted as the obvious solution to the dilemma.  Is that a bent sign or photographers tilt??


All reduced to a few letters.  Really????  Certainly saves space and materials.  But, what does it all mean???

I recently visited the old Wangaratta office where I had worked for a number of years for the Dept of Changing Names (DCN).  In the “olden days” there were over 50 staff employed there.

Having found a small sign on a very large complex directional sign indicating the presence of DELWP & Parks I entered a very large office complex full of expectation.  Alas the large office complex was really the Shire information  area with a plethora of signage and counters but few people.  Flummoxed I was finally “forced” to seek directions in my quest to locate DELWP etc from what I believe was the Shire Office counter.  From a very helpful lady I was able to learn that down the far end of this very spacious complex was an office front representing the said Departments.

3 201904 DEPI Office Wang E

This is what confronted me after following the directions of the helpful Shire lady.  Please note the spy camera upper top LHS, as well as other helpful means of communication such as a phone, a few pamphlets, and even a writing pad and pen.

The helpful lady also commented  that they had occasionally seen someone appear at the counter in response to a member of the public negotiating the counter communication complex.  They were unsure as to where these people actually came from but infrequent sightings of people in uniforms had been verified by various Shire staff members.

4 201904 DEPI Office Sign E

A closer examination of the so called office front revealed the following sign with helpful directions.  The note pad and pen (chained to the desk), can be seen.  Along with those long names again.

5 201903 DEPI Office Wodonga E

In order to ascertain if this was an aberration I decided to call in at the Wodonga Office to see what might be happening there.  Wodonga being another old watering hole of mine.

There it was again, another sign and security grill blocking my way from engaging with the strange creatures that may or may not frequent these sorts of offices.

However I guess one can excuse them in this case given they appeared to have other priorities at the time.

1 201908 NSW Parks Office Kyogle E

Further research was obviously warranted to determine if this phenomenon was a Victorian thing or more widespread.  On a recent trip around NSW I had occasion to seek some information from the Kyogle Parks Office.

Wondering where Kyogle is?  Have a look at the area  just west of Lismore/Ballina, near the Q/NSW border.

2 201908 NSW Parks Door sign E

Again!!!!!  That dreaded apology for there being no-one there, in attendance, at work or alive even.

The conclusion???

Well, it definitely seems this is more than just a Victorian affliction and it has spread to NSW and Queensland.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode as names continue to evolve, possibly lengthen and we have more and more fun with the acronyms.

Always remembering there used to be the SEC, The Dept of Ag and the Soil Conservation Authority.



For the artistically inclined I have found a collection of badges that have evolved over the years for the ACT National Parks, or whatever it was and is called now.

On good authority I have been told that Departmental uniforms in Victoria are  now being produced with Velcro patches.  Saves discarding lots of clothing I guess and one could play a multitude of roles by quickly changing IDs.

P1110482. E JPG

P1110479. E JPG

Apart from the revolving door of name changes there is also a theme depicted in the graphics.  A prize is on standby for the first person to pick the theme.

A clue.  It has nothing to do with Border Force.  Yet !!!!!!

END (nearly)


I happened to visit an old departmental office at Tallangatta the other day, on official business.  I was able to find an incumbent hidden away in the complex even though the official minders at the security complex nearby had insisted that the person I had come to visit was not there.  That is, the electronic apparatus that informs mere humans of such things, said that he was not there.

I persisted by informing the minder that I had had very recent contact with the “missing” person by email (remember emails?), and that we had planned to meet that day.  Finally I was escorted through a variety of doors and corridors to find the incumbent busy at his desk.  Success!!!!!

Speaking of Tallangatta.  This was my first official posting as a young enthusiastic Soil Conservation Authority recruit, and I must say my first introduction to the wonderful wide world of the Victorian Public Service.

As an aside, would you believe that in those days there was a person who had the responsibility to measure up desks to make sure that they were of the correct size commensurate with your status or position in the hierarchy.  Wonderful stuff.  He determined that the desk allocated to me was well beyond my status and should be changed forthwith!!!!

I would love to show you my old desk, however that is not possible.  Instead a nostalgic picture below is of the office where my journey first began.  Note how it is hidden away among the trees and those dreaded signs are back.

P1090975.AE JPG

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