Mt Murray Revisited

Capture (2)
Location map showing routes taken in BLUE. Mt M = Mt Murray, Way Point 113 = Mt Selwyn, Way Point 114 = Camp Site.
Campsite at Beveridges on the Buckland River. Nice and shady and we more or less had the place to ourselves. This was the base camp used from which the trip into the mountain peaks was launched. Another interesting happening was coming across a large unattended camp fire burning away happily. When I attacked it with my trusty plastic water bucket the fire was starting to creep along the ground via dry grass and leaves. Any sort of wind would have got it going. Today I heard that last fire season about 20 of 40 odd fires in the Little Desert happened as a result of camp fires. There is a significant disconnect between many people and their understanding of natural things. Helps explain but not excuse why so much rubbish is left at camp sites and other damage such as cutting down trees and why 4WD erosion and other vandalism happens.
You may remember the two leprechauns guarding the gate to the summit of Mt Murray from a previous blog. They were absent this time however some very nasty vandals had ripped the gate from its foundations to gain vehicle access to the summit. It would have saved them a walk of 300m or so? Powerful vehicles and powerful winches allows you to “play” games like that if you are so inclined. Then we complain about roads being closed down from public access. Height above sea level 1640m. Mt Hotham is 1868m.
The access road to the summit. Unfortunately the mountain top was shrouded in cloud for the time we were there, apart from being about 10 degrees in the water-bag. ‘Not much to see here’ as a politician was heard to say recently before falling on his sword. We have finished the editorializing as you will note. Phew!!!!! Got a call from the ABC management about needing to tone down the language and also not express any actual accurate accounts of what is happening. We cannot upset the kiddies you see.
The plan was to visit both Mt Murray and Mt Selwyn on this trip. Hopefully Mt Selwyn would be clear of cloud the planning committee thought. This is Mt Murray still covered so I cannot really show you what it looks like. Back on the bucket list for another day.
The summit of Mt Selwyn 1424m. Not much room on top however the views are worth the effort. There was no need to wreck any barriers to gain access and it was clear of cloud.
A view from Mt Selwyn towards Mt Buller. The peak in the middle of the shot silhouetted against the cloud on the horizon. Lots of smoke haze unfortunately but no cloud. It is breathtaking to stand on top of such a mountain and see other peaks and valleys for a radius of 360 degrees. Good natural medicine. Plenty to see here!!!!

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