Worth an explore?

I have been working with these people for some time by contributing articles, photos and recently by attending a photo shoot workshop at Alexandra.  (Where I used to live and occasionally work in the 1970’s).  You may like to explore the link provided below and have a gander at some of the material that has been created. It includes the “eSplash” published periodically as well as a number of other e publications.  These include tips on photography, and heaps of other “eBooks” on a whole range of topics too numerous to mention.  So I wont.

The group runs entirely on a volunteer basis and has a strong community building and education focus.  It originated after the 2009 fires that ravaged many areas and although Alexandra, where the group resides escaped the fires what happened still had a major indirect impact on the community.  The e magazine was started then to provide the locals with information and support and has continued on since then.

If the idea of being on the mailing list takes your fancy or you would like to contribute you can do so by contacting Artworkz using the email listed. You can be assured there is no cost and you will not be bombarded by mysterious callers wishing to sell you all manner of things. There will also be no knocking on the front door on Saturdays as well.  I am also happy to provide more info on how it all works if needed.

Note Contact Details:



E Splash 4



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