Davies Plain & Mt Murray Expedition

Davies Plain Jan 18
Davies Plain Expedition.
Mt Murray Jan 2018
Mt Murray Expedition

Expedition over New Years Day plus:

It did seem like a somewhat forlorn hope that one could escape the noise and mad activity that is usually associated with New Years Eve and the days following.

However we found some unexpected serenity along the Davies Plain Track when we camped at Charlies Hut Camp Ground with only one other camp hidden from view in the trees about two hundred metres away from where we settled.

The Davies Plain Track is located sort of North East of Benambra and links Benambra with Tom Groggin on the Murray River in NSW.  At the base of Mt Kosciuszko on the Alpine Way.

From Davies Plain we had a brief and somewhat noisy encounter with many tourists in traveling to Mt Murray via Omeo and Mt Hotham.  The location being west of Mt Hotham.  Again we were surprised to find we had the small but well sheltered camp area to ourselves.  What bliss!!!!

Base camp at Charlies Hut camping ground. We had it mainly to ourselves in spite of the holidays
The remains of Charlie’s Hut. Destroyed by recent bush fires.
Davies Plain Hut with Leprechauns. One of the classic mountain huts.  The very inquisitive Leprechauns plus one other, who shall remain nameless, were somewhat surprised by a critter who had already taken up residence.  It caused somewhat of a scatter where the critter unexpectedly emerged from hiding


The remains of stock yards at Davies Plain Hut
Steepest part of the track between Davies Plain Hut and Charlies Creek Camp.  However a stock standard Mitsubishi managed it OK with a good steady driver.  Makes one wonder about how much difference all the modern modifications make???
Buckwong Creek Hut.  Locked.  Good camping sites under the trees near the hut.
Our sheltered campsite near the summit of Mt Murray.  Great views from the top.
The Leprechauns were back in force preventing access the the summit.
A feral “cat” found near the summit.  The operator seems pleased with himself.

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