Mining crusher (Updated 11/03/2018)

A great old mining steam engine hiding in the bush near Yackandandah

Pics clockwise from main (top LHS).  Old trolleys inside shaft, deep inside the shaft, old mining candle holder, entrance to shaft with intrepid explorers, inside looking out.

Other interesting points:  This site has been vandalized several times and yet again recently as we discovered on this trip.  The entrance door had been pulled open with a winch or vehicle and items inside the mine stolen.  It now has a more secure door installed. See photo below.   A recurring theme it seems, vandelism.

We were shown a number of old hand drill holes in the mine.  One of which indicated that the fault line where the quartz reef was found and mined is still moving.  That is a hole drilled at the time had moved so that now it was not possible to place a drill in the hole.  This point was brought home to me recently by stories I came across when visiting a Silverton mine ( Near Broken Hill).  It is a shaky shaky earth we inhabit!!!!

P1050351 AE
New bank vault type door now installed at the mine.  Hopefully it will this time deter vandals.






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